Hỗ trợ trực tuyến

1. What should we do about malaria?
2. What if I am hospitalized or become incapacitated?
3. How will medical emergencies be dealt with?
4. What will happen if there is an emergency?
5. What can I do about jet lag?
6. What is the main difference in the climate of Vietnam and that of my country?
7. What if I have a lot of local currency left over when I leave?
8. Where can I change my currency for local currency?
9. What about travellers’ cheques?
10. Can I pay by credit card in Vietnam?
11. Can I use a credit card to get cash in Vietnam?
12. What is the attitude towards drugs in Vietnam?
13. I am from the United States. Will I face any hostility because of the war?
14. The artist you took me to was wonderful. I want to give him a gift. Any ideas?
15. Are there Internet facilities in Vietnam?
16. How can I take large items home with me – furniture or paintings, for example?
17. Can I buy antiques in Vietnam?
18. Are there any restrictions on photography in Vietnam?
19. What do you serve if I am a vegetarian?
20. How to book a cheap air tickets to Vietnam?
21. How to buy air tickets to Vietnam?
22. How can I secure my advance booking?
23. Should I book the tours that I like in advance?
24. Can I leave the luggage at the hotel when I am travelling?
25. Is there very much noise in the hotel?
26. How do I get to the hotel from the airport by public transport?
27. How far from the airport to the hotel?
28. Do Garco Dragon Hotel have elevator?